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卡拉瓦乔·梅里西1595 - 1597

Uffizi Gallery
Uffizi Gallery

The painting is listed in the 17-18th century inventories of the Villa di Artiminio from 1609; such an early date supports the hypothesis that it was given, along with the Medusa, by cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte to the Grand Duke Ferdinando I. It was found in the Uffizi storage facilities in 1916. A self portrait of the artist while painting can be seen in the reflections on the glass bottle.



  • 标题: 酒神巴库斯
  • 创作者: 卡拉瓦乔·梅里西
  • 创作日期: 1595 - 1597
  • 实际尺寸: w850 x h950 mm
  • Style: Early Baroque / Mythological painting
  • Provenance: Medici family collections in Florence
  • Original Title: Bacco adolescente
  • 类型: painting
  • 材质: Oil on canvas