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The Purification of the Temple

Jacopo Bassano and workshopprobably about 1580

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London

This late work is known in several other versions. The story is taken from the New Testament (Matthew 21: 12–13), when Jesus 'cast out all them that sold and bought... overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold the doves' in the Temple in Jerusalem, invoking divine authority for doing so. In the distance can be seen the indignant Chief Priests and Scribes, and also the blind and lame whom Christ healed.



  • ชื่อ: The Purification of the Temple
  • ผู้สร้าง: Jacopo Bassano and workshop
  • วันที่สร้าง: probably about 1580
  • ขนาด: w2675 x h1605 cm
  • School: Italian
  • More Info: More Artist Information
  • Inventory number: NG228
  • Artist Biography: Jacopo dal Ponte, called Bassano, is the most famous of a family of painters from Bassano in the Veneto. He was mainly active also in Venice and the Veneto. Bassano developed a rustic, realistic and expressive style indebted to prints by Dürer, and was a pioneer in Italy of night scenes. Jacopo Bassano was probably first trained by his father, Francesco, and then in Venice with Bonifazio Veronese. His earliest known works, produced in Bassano, date from the later 1530s. Bassano was grounded in Venetian painting, particularly in the work of Titian and Lotto. In addition to the influence of Northern prints, his expressive style was indebted, from about 1540, to the work of Raphael and Parmigianino.
  • Acquisition Credit: Presented by Philip L. Hinds, 1853
  • ประเภท: Painting
  • ลิงก์ภายนอก: The National Gallery, London
  • สื่อ: Oil on canvas