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unknown1000-1100 C.E

National Museum - New Delhi
National Museum - New Delhi

Standing in pratyalidha posture on a chariot drawn by seven
pigs, the figure of Marichi is four-faced, the left one being
that of a sow. The Buddhist goddess of solar energy holds in
her eight hands a vajra, a sara, a suchi, the tarjanipasa, the
asoka pallava, a dhanus, an ankusa and a sutra. She is
accompanied by four female attendants, a pair each in the
lower and upper sections. Dhyani Buddha Vairochana is on
the top of the stele, on which are carved flames. Rahu, one
of the nine planets, is seen in the center of the pedestal
while a female charioteer stands behind him. The figure
follows the description of Ashtabhuja Marichi as found in the

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  • Title: Marichi
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 1000-1100 C.E
  • Location: Indian Museum, Kolkata
  • Physical Dimensions: Basalt, 55.4x28.3x12.9cm
  • Provenance: Bihar, India
  • Accession Number: 4614/A25192

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