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Preaching Buddha flanked by Avalokitesvara and Maitreya

unknown100-200 C.E

National Museum - New Delhi
National Museum - New Delhi

The preaching Buddha is seated on a full-blown lotus seat
and above his head are heavenly flowers. His two
attendants, possibly Bodhisattva Maitreya and
Avalokitesvara, stand beside him, each under an umbrella.
A lay worshipper appears in a kneeling posture on either
side of the lotus seat. They may be identified as
Luhasudatta and his wife as described the Divyavadana and
in the Vinaya of the Mula Sarvastivadins. The relief,
originally surmounted by an umbrella, has a tenon at the
bottom. The lotus on which the Buddha is seated is typical
to the Gandharan idiom, but what is noteworthy is that the
entire pitha has a design of lotus petals.

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  • Title: Preaching Buddha flanked by Avalokitesvara and Maitreya
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 100-200 C.E
  • Location: Indian Museum, Kolkata
  • Physical Dimensions: Schist stone, 52.5x39x8.8 cm.
  • Provenance: Loriyan Tangai (north-west part of undivided India)
  • Accession Number: 5093

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