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Prediction of Asita

unknown100-200 C.E

National Museum - New Delhi
National Museum - New Delhi

The fragment from the base of a stupa represents the scene of
the prediction of the sage Asita about the future of
Siddhartha made to his parents. The child is seen on the lap
of a bearded and matted haired sage. A royal figure seated
on a high throne with legs rested on a lower stool is
evidently Suddhodana, father of Gautama. The head with
part of the upper portion of the body has been broken away.
Busts of a female and a male figure are behind the head of
the sage. An Indo-Corinthian pilaster appears behind the
figure of the sage. A standing male, probably Naradatta, the
nephew of Asita, carrying a bowl in his left hand is seen by
the side of the pilaster.

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  • Title: Prediction of Asita
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 100-200 C.E
  • Location: Indian Museum, Kolkata
  • Physical Dimensions: Schist stone, 25x28.9x6 cm.
  • Provenance: Loriyan Tangai (north-west part of undivided India)
  • Accession Number: 5041/A23254

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