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Unknownearly 20th century

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This kettledrum is elevated on the shoulders of two polychromed cult figures -- one a mother nursing her child, the other possibly writing in a book. Among the Asante and other peoples of West Africa, the nurturing presence of the "mother drum" echoes the role of the female as lineal head. The drum membrane is attached by seven pegs.



  • ชื่อ: Drum
  • ผู้สร้าง: Unknown
  • วันที่สร้าง: early 20th century
  • ประเภท: Membranophone-single-headed / kettle drum
  • ลิงก์ภายนอก: MMA
  • สื่อ: Wood, polychrome
  • medium extent: Complete
  • description extent: Complete
  • credit line extent: Complete
  • credit line: Gift of Raymond E. Britt, Sr., 1977
  • Culture: Akan Ashanti people