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Portrait of a Girl

Jakob Seiseneggerabout 1545-50

The National Gallery, London
The National Gallery, London

The rich costume of this unidentified sitter would suggest that she came from a wealthy and possibly aristocratic family; a Habsburg identification has been proposed. It is likely that this bust-length portrait has been cut from a larger work.

The style of the clothes suggests a date of about 1545–50.

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  • Judul: Portrait of a Girl
  • Pembuat: Jakob Seisenegger
  • Tanggal Dibuat: about 1545-50
  • School: German
  • More Info: More Artist Information
  • Inventory number: NG4206
  • Dimensi Fisik: w216 x h289 cm
  • Artist Biography: In 1531 Seisenegger was court painter to Emperor Ferdinand I in Augsburg. In 1532 he executed a full-length portrait of Charles V which served as a model for Titian's famous portrait of the emperor. He travelled widely. He was known principally as a portrait painter.
  • Acquisition Credit: Presented by The Art Fund, 1926
  • Jenis: Painting
  • Tautan Eksternal: The National Gallery, London
  • Medium: Oil on wood

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