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Singapore Idols Skateboarders

Jing Quek2006

National Heritage Board, Singapore
National Heritage Board, Singapore

Born in Singapore, Jing Quek (1983) graduated from School of Visual Arts, USA in 2007 and is an internationally awarded photographer. The awards won include the Winner of Photography section of 25th UOB Painting of the Year in 2006 and School of Visual Arts Alumni Scholarship in 2007. Since 2004, Jing Quek has participated in numerous exhibitions in Singapore and USA. His works have been featured in magazines such as Timeout Singapore and Newsweek. Jing Quek�'s unique style exhibited in his works can be described as super-hyperrealist. This series of photographs, titled �Singapore Idols�, features the diverse communities in Singapore, transcending the commonly used racial division. Through these images, he hopes to address the constructs of identities and stereotyping that exists in our society. '�Skateboarders'� features a group of youths and their skateboards with the popular skateboard rink in the background. The confident poses of these youths recall the high gloss portraits of international celebrity photographers, while the subjects give the work a local twist.

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