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The Panciatichi Holy Family

Bronzino ToriAround 1540

Uffizi Gallery
Uffizi Gallery

According to Giorgio Vasari (1568) and Raffaello Borghini (1584), the painting was commissioned to Bronzino by Bartolomeo Panciatichi, whose coat of arms dominates the fort in the background. It portrays, using the sculptural forms of Michelangelo's painting, the meeting of the Holy Family with John the Baptist on their return from Egypt, as indicated by the presence of the travel bundle on top of which Jesus is sleeping. It has been in the Uffizi Gallery since 1919.

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  • Title: The Panciatichi Holy Family
  • Creator: Bronzino Tori
  • Date created: Around 1540
  • Style: Mannerism/ Private devotional paintig
  • Provenance: Panciatichi Family collection in Florence
  • Physical Dimensions: w930 x h1170 mm
  • Original Title: Sacra famiglia Panciatichi or Madonna Panciatichi
  • Type: painting
  • Medium: Oil on panel

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