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The Grand Bazaar

Amadeo PreziosiSecond half of the 19th Century

Pera Museum
Pera Museum

This is one of the two paintings of the Grand Bazaar –featured in the exhibition– by Preziosi, who often presented genre scenes from İstanbul in his unique style. The artist incorporated diverse scenes from the Bazaar in a number of his paintings. This venue, particular to İstanbul, has been of great interest to Western artists, and in Edmondo de Amicis’s words “is not just a building but a town”. The Grand Bazaar, which housed shops for a wide range of commercial goods and catered to almost all of the needs of customers, offered an incredible visual richness and diversity to the Western artist. A reflection of this opulence is also evident in Preziosi’s painting, which includes numerous details from the daily life.



  • ชื่อ: The Grand Bazaar
  • ผู้สร้าง: Amadeo Preziosi
  • วันที่สร้าง: Second half of the 19th Century
  • ขนาด: w670 x h455 cm
  • Collection:
  • ประเภท: watercolor on paper
  • สิทธิ์: Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Collection, Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation
  • ลิงก์ภายนอก: