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Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Esbo, 芬兰

EMMA is serious about art but light-hearted in presenting it

Finland´s largest art museum and its state-of-the art pedagogy department housed in a former printing works provide a magnificent, rough-hewn setting for world-class art. An extensive changing exhibition programme presents major international and Finnish classics as well as the work of today´s most-talked about artists.

EMMA – the Espoo Museum of Modern Art, which is maintained by the Espoo Art Museum Foundation, presents art with long-term perspective: from its roots in the 19th century to contemporary art.

The cornerstone of EMMA´s operations is formed by two collections: The City of Espoo Art Collection and The Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection.



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Espoo Museum of Modern ArtFlitarvägen 5
02100 Esbo