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The Olympic Museum

Lausanne, Svizzera

The Olympic welcomes visitors on three floors, with a permanent exhibition area of over 3,000m2.

The Olympic Museum organises two or three major temporary exhibitions every two years, and most of these go on to travel around the world.

The permanent and temporary exhibitions are designed to highlight aspects of Olympic culture and its relationship with the world around it. The themes are linked to sport and the Olympic Games, from a topical cultural angle.

As well as its exhibitions, The Olympic Museum offers concerts, talks, and cultural and sports events. It seeks to provide a platform for exchange and cooperation, full of life and an expression of Olympic culture.

Unique in the world, The Olympic Museum offers visitors of all nations, cultures and ages, whether or not they are Olympic fans, the chance to discover the complex and fascinating history of all those (athletes, champions, artists, architects, volunteers, etc.) who help to create a better world through Olympism.

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