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New York City

I am learning about art and history and politics by looking at art from my home town.

On a pier stretching from the ever-growing metropolis there is another, nefarious story supporting it all. Below the glitz of the Manhattan skyline, Rivera depicts the 99% as homeless in a shelter while the 1% of the bankers have their wealth stored in vaults.
This feels dreamy, other-worldly almost, yet grounded in the brick and mortar of those buildings and those two people with their hands in their pockets. What are all of those hand-signs in the sky? And what to make of the title at the top, "Morning at the Edge of time It Never Really Mattered." Evocative, yes.
I love these murals quilts by Faith Ringgold. This one has such vibrant colors, especially the reds, yellows, and blues -- primary colors after all. I have almost the same view of the George Washington Bridge.
What a wonderful way to re-experience this wonderful space.
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