Google's 15th Birthday

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Sep 27, 2013

When’s Google’s birthday? I'm not sure even we know – we’ve celebrated on September 7th, 8th,  26th, and, most recently the 27th.
Still, while there’re some differing opinions about when to bust out the candles and cake, one fun fact is that our first doodle was posted even before Google was officially incorporated (August 30th, 1998 vs. September 4th, 1998).
With a company that’s got fun as deeply embedded in its DNA as Google, it seems fitting that any function would be a real bash, if you will.
And this year bash you did! I don’t want to say how many hundreds of millions of Google’s 15th Birthday Piñata games were played or how many billions of candies won, but suffice to say your boss might be miffed you weren’t doing real work and your dentist will be delighted you weren’t eating real sweets.

Thanks for coming to the party!

Ryan Germick, Doodle Team Lead

Speaking of fun: honorary doodler Manuel Clément recording some piñata sound fx.

Location: Global

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