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Aug 6, 2012

In the weeks leading up the 2012 summer games, the mantra amongst the doodlers was "Hooray for sports!"

This was not just because doodling for the Olympics was a past time dating back to the ancient history of the year 2000, but also because we had some especially fun surprises in store in the form of interactive sports video games on the way.

Now, before the button mashing was to begin, a series of static sports-inspired doodles ran. You might have noticed by our doodles for the likes of Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace, we're a bit more geek than jock. So, when the Mars Curiosity Rover landed during the middle of our javelin doodle's run, we couldn't help but to pay homage.

It was a subtle change, but fortunately many Google users noticed – including the Mars Curiosity Rover itself!

Posted by Ryan Germick, Doodle Team Lead

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