Swiffy by Google

Swiffy Extension for Flash Professional

With the Swiffy Extension, you can publish to HTML5 right from Adobe Flash Professional. This makes using Flash to develop HTML5 animations much easier. The extension accesses Google Swiffy as a web service, so you always use the most recent version of Swiffy.

Compatible with Adobe Flash Professional CS4 or newer
(Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X 10.4+)

Easy to install

Download the Swiffy Extension (.mxp file) and open it. Adobe Extension Manager will install the Swiffy Extension, making it immediately available to use from Flash Professional.

Export to HTML5 with one command

The new “Export to HTML5 (Swiffy)” item in the “Commands” menu exports your file to HTML5 and opens the result in your default web browser. Assigning a keyboard shortcut to this command makes it even easier!

Quick feedback

Information about the conversion process, such as features that are not supported by Swiffy, is shown in the “Output” panel, immediately after the export finishes.
If you encounter any problems when using the Swiffy Extension, please visit our troubleshooting page or let us know using our feedback form.