Everywhere is Somewhere

Google’s Geo Tools aren’t just about geography. You can use them to trace Marco Polo’s journey through Asia, to explore the architecture of Barcelona, to measure how Alaska’s glaciers have receded, or to analyze the habitat of the Cameroon grassland frog. Geospatial thinking has transformed our perceptions of the World around us, and how we address issues such as climate change on and the protection of wildlife.

Education is more than learning: It’s a journey of discovery. Let’s start exploring together.

Get Started With Google Earth
Learn about all of the features that you can find in Google Earth and how easy it is to include the tool into your learning objectives and lesson plans.
Google Earth Education for Japan
See how teacher and students in Japan are creating their own maps and stories in Google Earth, and sharing their discoveries online.
Panoramic Views of World Wonders
Dive into Google’s huge library of 360-degree imagery using Street View. Just click on pegman and follow the blue lines to where you want to go.
Questions About Google Earth?
The world can sometimes be a difficult place to navigate, but there are many places to find a guide.

Exploration = Education

“Place” is universal, spanning disciplines, cultures, and nature, connecting us all to the surrounding world. Google Earth and other Geo Tools enable everyone to interpret and understand these relationships by visualizing locations, directions, geophysical features, and environmental changes. The more we engage with these tools, the better we understand our interdependent world, and the more equipped we are for a global future.

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