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High School Symposium


We are pleased to offer High School Symposium - an enrichment program designed for high school seniors to provide students with valuable personal branding lessons. These lessons will help you to discover the personal qualities—like your values, strengths, skills and passions—that you'll develop as you begin to build your professional reputation. This year the program will be held in San Francisco on April 17th, Chicago on April 24th and New York on May 1st.

Selected students will travel to one of Google's offices for a unique, day-long experience that will include:

  • Professional development: Understand how to identify, promote and manage your personal brand
  • Exposure: Learn how to create and leverage a network of peers and advisors
  • Fun: Tour of a Google office and a meal at the Google cafe

Selection Process and Partners

High School Symposium is a nomination-based program. To be considered, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a four-year high school in one of the metro areas where High School Symposium is being held
  • Be currently enrolled as a high school senior
  • Intend to enroll in a four-year BA/BS program at a university in the United States
  • Demonstrate academic excellence

The program is committed to addressing diversity in our company and in the technology industry. For the 2015 program, High School Symposium received nominations from organizations that share our goal of promoting diversity in the technology industry. These organizations include:

Do you work with a similar organization and want to get involved in High School Symposium? Email us at and tell us about your organization, its work and mission.