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FREE Backup, Security & Compliance for Google Apps
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Automatically backup your entire Google Apps Domain and create security policies to protect in real-time against exposure of sensitive data. Get comprehensive domain security through SysCloud OneApp!

  • Backup, restore + export of Google Apps Suite
  • Proactively enforce security policies in real-time
  • OAuth 2.0, Archives in secure AWS S3, SSAE 16/SOC2

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» Automated backup of the full Google Apps product suite
» Quickly restore files or data for an entire account
» Backup and restore all Google Apps Groups and Users
» Download a copy of documents or accounts for local storage or archiving
» Take a backup of any user on-demand in additional to normal scheduling
» Choose to backup select users, groups, org units or entire domain
» Maintain and restore permissions and folder structure for Drive
» Easily find and restore emails and documents with built-in search
» Domain and user level backup configurations
» Option of on-premise or cloud based backup

» View detailed audit reports gain visibility into potential data exposures
» Identify and secure Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
» Ensure data availability by creating robust retention policies
» Get added protection for your domain’s data that works in real-time

» 512 bit encryption
» SSL password protection

» Multi-tier support 24/7 phone / email support
» 99.9% uptime SLA

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2 week free trial. Pricing starts at $3 user/month cloud to cloud backup or $6 user/year for on-premise. NPO & EDU discounts

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Version v5.1
Data access requirements
  • Calendar (Read/Write, does ...
  • Contacts (Read/Write, does ...
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Download PDF and arbitrary ...
  • Email (Read/Write/Send)
  • Groups Provisioning (Read o...
  • Sites (Read/Write)
  • Spreadsheets (Read/Write, d...
  • User Provisioning (Read only)
  • View group subscriptions on...
  • View groups on your domain
  • View organization units on ...
  • View users on your domain