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#1 Audit Tool for Google Apps (GAT) - ISAE 3402 certified
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Scan, control and secure all Sites, Docs, Drive, Groups, Calendars and Users giving more security over the data that you own. If you have not installed this tool - you don't know what you're missing.

  • Reports for Sites, Docs, Groups, Cals and Users
  • 250+ Features, see
  • Ensure inadvertent user disclosure does not occur

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Used by Google's leading customers- see our homepage.
The fastest, securest and most detailed Audit and Security tool for Google Apps.

After trial, core scan, Stats report and Login security audit remain free along with weekly Activity reports

Powerful report program can scan all sites, documents, groups, users and calendars at your domain and show you exactly who has access to your information
Third party Apps audited and controlled
Logins and Google+ all Audited

Powerful PCI compliance test that even works on PDFs, scans and images

Instantly revoke sharing rights.

Department managers can now have audit authority for their groups delegated to them by Super Admins.
Measure collaboration and understand user behavior with awesome detail.

See lapses in security. Check revision histories. Generate reports. Ensure compliance for HIPAA, Sabanes Oxley, FERPA, and PCI DSS.
‘Live’ domain wide content search.
The sessions are fully HTTPS encrypted. Reports are only written or stored in YOUR account. Metadata is encrypted and the single unique key is also stored in your account

Reports that are Deep, Clear, and Accurate

Scheduled reports - security and usage reports run in background

Thousands of Domains, millions of users

Gov, Large Corp. - Available for install on your own Cloud servers ($ cost)

'General Audit Tool is must-have extension for anyone who manages Google Apps. ' - Jack Wallen, Tech Republic.

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Free stats forever/Premium US$5/Google user/yr. 28 day full trial. Edu, Charity, non-profit free. See website for details.

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Version 4.50 Domain Admin ONLY install
Data access requirements
  • Calendar (Read/Write)
  • Calendar Resources (Read/Wr...
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Groups Provisioning (Read o...
  • Groups Settings
  • Manage data access permissi...
  • Sites (Read/Write)
  • User Provisioning (Read only)
  • View groups on your domain
  • View organization units on ...
  • View users on your domain
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