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Zoho Docs: Online Document Management Service
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Zoho Docs is a secure and affordable online document management solution that makes it simple and easy to store, share and collaborate on documents.

  • Store files online in any format
  • Share files securely with groups and individuals
  • Collaborate on documents with online workspaces

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Zoho Docs is a secure online document management service that allows you to store, manage and keep a track of all your files from one central location. Its features make it much simpler to upload, create, edit documents and share them with individuals or groups, anytime, anywhere. Collaboration on documents can be carried out through online workspaces that make working together smarter and easier.

With Zoho Docs you can:

Store and organize documents better with:
Multi-level folders: Keep your documents organized with multi-level folders
Bulk Upload: Upload multiple documents and files and whole folders all in one go.
Email-In: Email files from your existing mail Accounts directly into Zoho Docs
Upload from Google Docs: Upload files directly from Google Docs

Share documents securely with individuals or groups.
Group Sharing: Share files with custom created groups
Share Externally: Share password-protected files with non Zoho Docs users, to keep files secure
Role based access: Control access of shared documents with pre-defined roles

Collaborate on documents real time with Online Workspaces that includes:
Document version history: Know if everyone is working on the same version of the document so you stay in sync
Check-In/Check-Out: Prevent overwriting of changes to a document by checking-out a file and checking it back in after making changes
Document Review: Share feedback on documents by posting comments
Online Chat: Exchange instant feedback on documents

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Get started free with 1 GB. Pricing starts @ $3/user/month only! More info @

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Data access requirements
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Spreadsheets (Read/Write)
  • User Provisioning (Read only)