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A powerful and easy-to-use online scheduling platform that works in tandem with your Google Calendar and supports your business in a wide range of prospect and customer scheduling scenarios.

  • Simple - Ridiculously easy to use
  • Powerful - Single and multi-user scenarios
  • Affordable - Free and paid plans available

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ScheduleOnce is a highly versatile scheduling platform that can be used in a wide range of scheduling scenarios. Our users typically fall into three categories

➤ Standard users:
Use our Basic (FREE) or Plus ($5/month) plans. These plans allow you to schedule group meetings and accept appointments in Booking with approval mode - Customers suggest a few times, you review the times and pick the one that works best for you.

➤ Professional users:
Use our Premium ($9/month) or Professional ($19/month) plans. These plans allow you to work in Automatic booking mode – Customers pick a time and the booking is automatically created in your calendar. You can also create advanced scheduling scenarios that support multiple meeting types, multiple services and multiple locations.

➤ Organizations:
Use our Workgroup ($29/user/month) or Enterprise ($49/user/month) plans. These plans supports organizational scheduling scenarios that involve multiple users in one or more time zones. You can create accounts for your users and configure them with the access control rules that your business requires. MeetMe pages can be assigned and transferred between users and additional stakeholders can be added to MeetMe pages as Editors and Viewers. With the multi-user plan you can create the desired scheduling scenario and deploy it to your team for a smooth and easy start.


appointment scheduler, online scheduling, scheduling software, multi-user.

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Pricing Details
FREE Basic account with unlimited bookings and group scheduling. Optional upgrades available

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Version 5.9
Data access requirements
  • Calendar (Read/Write)
  • Calendar Resources (Read only)