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A highly sophisticated online scheduling platform that works in tandem with Google Calendar and supports your business in a wide range of prospect and customer scheduling scenarios.

  • Slick - Provides a superb scheduling experience
  • Flexible - Supports multiple scheduling scenarios
  • Robust - Scales to large enterprise deployments

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Scheduling Solutions for product and service businesses with multiple team members:

➤Lead generation: Enable prospects to schedule product demos and consultations directly from your website.
➤Recruiting and staffing: Eliminate the lag and back-and-forth in coordinating candidate interviews.
➤Service and support: Ensure that service and support tickets are scheduled in the most efficient manner.
➤Shows and conferences: Make the most of your trade show or conference by scheduling meetings efficiently and effectively.
➤Consulting and coaching: Enable prospects and clients to easily schedule consultations or coaching sessions.
➤Room and resource scheduling: Schedule resources, such as conference rooms and equipment, easily and efficiently.

Scheduling Solutions for education:

➤Advising appointments: Enable students to easily schedule sessions with your guidance counselors and student advisers.
➤Tutoring and eLearning: Enable students to sign up for classes or private sessions with integrated web conferencing tools.
➤Office hours: Enable students to schedule times with professors, so that office hours remain productive and orderly.

Solutions for individuals:

➤General appointment scheduling: Share your Booking page link and enable people to easily schedule time with you.
➤Consulting and coaching: Enable prospects and clients to easily schedule any session type.
➤Interviewing: Coordinate interviews at a time most convenient for both parties, with no back-and-forth.

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Version 7.0
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