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Wrike: FREE Project Management for UNLIMITED Collaborators
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Rock your team’s productivity with a combo of task lists, spreadsheets, Gantt charts and Activity Stream in 1 app! Wrike brings all data in one place making project management fast, easy and enjoyable

  • All data in 1 spot
  • Instant project updates
  • Integrated with email

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Real-time collaboration, smart email integration and an intuitive interface make Wrike the app your team will love. 2,000+ new companies sign up for Wrike every month. World-famous brands, such as Ecco, Ebay, Salesforce and Stanford University, rely on Wrike every day. Add Wrike to your apps now and rock your team’s productivity!

· Manage an UNLIMITED number of tasks, projects and collaborators in 1 workspace easily.
· Assign tasks, add comments and set reminders via email.
· Solve the email inbox chaos problem.
· Track delegated tasks up to 75% more efficiently.
· Discuss things and track progress in real time.
· Save time on scheduling, reminders and notifying team members about changes.
· Don’t let tasks fall through the cracks. Get up to 100% more tasks done.

“Simply the best project management app in the marketplace. And I tried over 30 of them!” -- Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution.

Add wrike to your apps in 60 seconds. Login easily with your Google Apps or Gmail account.

FREE FEATURES: Integration with Email, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Microsoft Project; Advanced Scheduling; Real-Time Discussions & Activity Stream; Selective Sharing; Mobile Apps for iPhone & Android; Spreadsheet View; Task Prioritization.

PREMIUM FEATURES: Gantt chart, Timeline; Time Tracking; Workload Management; Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, RSS, iCal.

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FREE for UNLIMITED collaborators + 5 power users. For more users and premium features:

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Version 1.0
Data access requirements
  • Docs (Read/Write)
  • Email (Read/Write/Send)
  • Mail - CC Recipient Addresses
  • Mail - Date Received
  • Mail - Date Sent
  • Mail - Message Body
  • Mail - Message Ids
  • Mail - Raw Subject Line
  • Mail - Sender Address
  • Mail - Subject Line
  • Mail - To Recipient Addresses
  • Spreadsheets (Read/Write)
  • User Provisioning (Read only)
  • https://docs.googleusercont...