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Personalized Adaptive Vocabulary and Spelling Tutoring Online. Carefully managed progress. Integrated with our rich multi-media learner's dictionary, ODE. Rewards & prizes. Free tutoring!

  • Adaptive vocabulary & spelling tutoring
  • Multi-media Learner's Dictionary
  • Free and premium options. Affordable!

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LearnThatWord is an effective, fast, and fun online “word gym,” designed to tutor vocabulary and spelling effectively. Easy, personalized sessions guarantee long-term results.

Every session with our award-winning program is customized. We provide effective tutoring to each individual, from the struggling learner to the highly proficient one. Members include all ages, from 2nd grade to college and beyond.

LearnThatWord is based on the Open Dictionary of English (ODE), a multi-media learner's dictionary with video clips, audio from around the world, images, translations, definitions, 100s of usage samples, tutoring comments, etc.
Students can follow our study modules designed for their particular goal, or add their own. Prioritizing words is easy, either manually or via ready-made word list from our archive.

Rewards, prizes, diplomas, and performance reports fuel motivation.
Extensive classroom features and friendly customer service and professional development.

LearnThatWord is free, and premium features are available via license or our affordable Pay-Per-Result concept. Pay-Per-Result does not require licenses tied to users or a time period. You only pay for each measured, documented learning result. Tokens don't expire and maximum expense is capped.

Managed by nonprofit LearnThat Foundation; revenue sustains our philanthropic campaigns. We sponsor free premium licenses for public school 2nd and 3rd graders to help every child succeed in school.

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Unlimited free tutoring or upgrade to premium membership. Public school 2nd and 3rd graders sponsored by our nonprofit.

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