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Google [x] presents: Solve for X - Hyperlocal Learning Solutions

The world is your playground - get your app ready to play!

Bob Jung

Perf culture

Paul Lewis, Lara Swanson

Build Your Own Knowledge Graph Part 2 of 3: Managing Graph Data With Cayley

Barak Michener

What's new in WebView

Matt Gaunt

Instant Buy Everywhere: Turbocharge mobile monetization

Michael Galpin, Prakash Hariramani

Zero to hero with Google Cloud Platform

Chris Ramsdale, Kate Volkova

Drive Android API

Jennifer King

Bluetooth Low Energy

Meghan Desai

HTML5 everywhere: How and why YouTube uses the Web platform

Luke Bayes, Steven Robertson

Componentize the Web

Addy Osmani

What's new in Android

Chet Haase, Dan Sandler

Connecting Cloud and Web: Deploying end-to-end apps with Dart

Kevin Moore

Designing for Android Wear

Emmet Connolly

The ServiceWorker: The network layer is yours to own

Jake Archibald

Command Your Cloud with gCloud

John Asmuth, Mark Pellegrini

Map Up your Apps!

Megan Boundey

News mobile webapps: Build engaging and interactive UI for mobile web

Andrey Prigogin

PNaCl SIMD: Speed on the Web

JF Bastien

Sample rates and resampling: Why can't we all just agree?

Andy Hung

Mirror API Glassware I18N and L10N

Jared Oberhaus

Designing for Glass

Alok Chandel, Robbie Tilton

ExoPlayer: Adaptive video streaming on Android

Oliver Woodman

Views from Everywhere: Bringing developers the world's largest geo photo library

Evan Rapoport, Luc Vincent

Making your cloud apps Google-fast

Weston Hutchins, Mandy Waite

Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development

Eric Bidelman

WebP at YouTube

Mikhail Sychev

Building great multi-media experiences on Android

Rachad Alao, Andy Hung, Glenn Kasten, Lajos Molnar, Eddy Talvala, Oliver Woodman

Material witness: How Android material applications work

Romain Guy, Chet Haase

Perfectly executing the wrong plan

Tomer Sharon

Android Auto: Developers, start your engines!

Andy Brenner, Gabriel Peal, Nick Pelly

Taming your cloud applications with intelligent monitoring

Daniel Belcher, Toby Smith

Going global with Google Play

Koh Kim, Hirotaka Yoshitsugu

Getting more users to sign in with Google

Jason Kinner

Google Play power session

Ellie Powers

Building impressive Android media experiences

Lajos Molnar

Cardboard: VR for Android

David Coz, Christian Plagemann, Boris Smus

Going responsive with the Google Play Apps Suite

Kirill Grouchnikov, Marco Paglia

Putting Google's Network to work for You

Simon Newton

The ART runtime

Brian Carlstrom, Anwar Ghuloum, Ian Rogers

Google [x] presents: Solve for X - Making Food Globally Cheap and Abundant

Making the mobile web fast, feature-rich, and beautiful

Paul Irish

Succeeding in Education Technology

Shazia Makhdumi

Big genomic data on Google Cloud Platform

Jonathan Bingham

Material design: Motion

Manuel Clément, Nicholas Jitkoff, Hélène Park, Ari Sachter-Zeltzer, Gustavo Sonoda

Android Work

James Kelly

Maps for good: Saving trees and saving lives with petapixel-scale computing

Rebecca Moore

Wearable computing with Google

Timothy Jordan

Subscriptions Made Easy with Google Play

Zeina Oweis

Maximize app engagement, monetization and distribution

Jonathan Alferness, Babak Pahlavan

Building Cloud-powered wearable Apps

Laurence Moroney

Unlock the next era of UI development with Polymer

Rob Dodson

Redesigning Google Maps

Jonah Jones, Annette Leong

The next Generation of Authentication

Maya Ben Ari

Google Play for Education: What's new

Pratip Banerji

Chrome Apps - State of the Union

Mike Tsao

Isolation for Android App Developers

Geremy Condra

Android fireside chat

Miles Barr, Dave Burke, Mike Cleron, Gabe Cohen, Matias Duarte, Xavier Ducrohet, Rachel Garb, Chet Haase, Dianne Hackborn, Jhilmil Jain, Ficus Kirkpatrick, Reto Meier, Adam Powell

Build a small Knowledge Graph part 3 of 3: Activating graph data with actions

Shawn Simister, Jarek Wilkiewicz

Less code, more services, better Android apps

Jatin Lodhia, Manfred Zabarauskas

Under the Hood of Android Auto

Fabian Tamp

Introduction to Project Volta

Meghan Desai, Matthew Williams

Biologically inspired models of intelligence

Ray Kurzweil

How we built Chrome Dev Editor with the Chrome platform

Devon Carew, Sriram Saroop

The future of Apps and Search

Lawrence Chang, Jason Douglas

Building a NaCl app

Bradley Nelson

Making music mobile with the Web

Justin Uberti

The world is your playground - go global with Google

Manish Bhargava

Building node.js applications with App Engine and Custom Runtimes

Mandy Waite

Using the Android Job Scheduler

Matthew Williams

Robotics in a new world - Presented by Women Techmakers

Gabriella Levine, Yoky Matsuoka, Jaime Waydo

Activity Transitions

George Mount

Touch in a Web App? No Problem

Matt Gaunt

The dawn of "Fast Data"

Reuven Lax, Marwa Mabrouk

Offerize your App

Peng Ying

Google [x] presents: Solve for X - Accelerating moonshot projects

Puneet Ahira, Megan Smith

Mobile web lessons learned from analyzing websites at scale

Paul Kinlan

The new Gmail API

John Rae-Grant

App Indexing API's

Lawrence Chang

Build a small Knowledge Graph part 1 of 3: Creating and processing linked data

Shawn Simister, Jarek Wilkiewicz

Mobile Web performance auditing

Paul Lewis

Making Music with the Web Platform

Chris Wilson

Optimizing Dart Applications

John McCutchan

Introduction to Google Play

Serge Kassardjian

How to Add Your Upcoming Events to The Knowledge Graph

Justin Boyan

DevOps at the speed of Google

Tomas Isdal, Melody Meckfessel

Big data, the Cloud way: Accelerated and simplified

William Vambenepe

Making sense of online course data

Peter Norvig, Julia Wilkowski

Play Games: Evolution of our beloved form of entertainment

Greg Hartrell

Who cares about new domain names? We do. If you want happy users, then you should too.

Ben Fried, Corey Goldfeder, Kripa Krishnan

Security at scale at Google

Stephan Somogyi

Predicting the future with the Google Cloud Platform

Felipe Hoffa, Jordan Tigani

Google Play: building your user community

Kobi Glick

NFC + HCE Your phone in an interactive world

Andres Morales

Material design in Google Play

Will Kiefer, Nathan Streu, Taddeo Zacchini

Optimizing Apps for Education

Lewis Leiboh

Building great Android media experiences

Lajos Molnar

Polymer: making Web Components accessible

Alice Boxhall

I hear you like realtime memes

Brian Cairns

Making money on Google Play

Brahim Elbouchikhi, Bob Meese

GDK Glassware I18N and L10N

Alice Yang

Creating a style guide for…Everything!

Josh Sassoon, Michael Austin Sui

Bridging the gap between the web and apps

Jake Archibald, Alex Russell

Unleash the power of Kiosk Apps

Vidya Raman Nagarajan

Achieving more with Mobile Cloud

Francesco Nerieri

The design sprint: from Google Ventures to Google X

Daniel Burka, Nadya Direkova, Jake Knapp

Google [x] presents: Solve for X - Accelerating moonshot projects

Puneet Ahira, Megan Smith

HTTPS Everywhere

Pierre Far, Ilya Grigorik

A 3D tablet, an OSCAR, and a little cash. Tango, Spotlight, Ara. ATAP.

Regina Dugan, Paul Eremenko, Glen Keane, Johnny Lee


Brady Forrest

Material design: Visual style and imagery

Rachel Been, Hannah Cho, Viktor Persson, Christian Robertson

How 20% engineers built Santa Tracker

Chris Broadfoot, Ankur Kotwal

Material design: Structure and components

Dave Chiu, Bethany Fong, Rich Fulcher, Zachary Gibson

The next five billion gamers

Colt McAnlis

Polymer: Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML

Eric Bidelman

Designing for wearables

Emmet Connolly, Alex Faaborg, Hayes Raffle, Bob Ryskamp

Silky smooth Web Animations

Alex Danilo

Nest for developers

Mark McBride, Matt Rogers

Unifying Google Cloud Messaging across Android and Chrome

Filip Gorski

Building a quality app from start to finish

Riccardo Govoni

Google [x] presents: Solve for X - Peer-to-Peer Mastery Learning

Transforming democracy and disasters with APIs

Steph Hannon, Eric Hysen, Payal Patel

Maps Made Easier: GeoJSON in the Maps API

Jen Kovnats

What’s new in Android development tools

Xavier Ducrohet, Jamal Eason, Tor Norbye

Fabulous Forms for the multi-device web

Pete LePage

Material design principles

Matias Duarte, Nicholas Jitkoff, Jonathan Lee, Christian Robertson, Jon Wiley

Video on mobile

Sam Dutton

Google developer tools and APIs for iOS

Arun Nagarajan

Google Play Games: A developer perspective

Dan Galpin

Strengthening communities with technology: A discussion with Bay Area Impact Challenge finalists

Steph Hannon, Eric Lukoff, Susan Mernit, Stefan Nilsson

Google [x] presents: Sovle for X - Microrobotics for crisis management

Web Performance Testing at YouTube

Rick Viscomi

Getting your Game on the Big Screen

Dan Galpin, Krispy Uccello

Material science: Developing Android applications with material design

Chet Haase, Adam Powell

Maximizing discoverability on Google Play

Relly Brandman

Building Apps For Android TV

Tim Kilbourn

Easy International Checkout with Chrome

Rouslan Solomakhin

Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess

Sugu Sougoumarane

Billion dollar pixels: Designing Advertising Products at Google

Greg Rosenberg

Chrome Apps on Android and iOS

Max Woghiren

Fullscreen Apps for Android Wear

Will Brown, Michael Kolb

Demystifying encodes and decodes of WebM

Vignesh Venkatasubramanian

Google Play services Rocks!

Magnus Hyttsten, Adam Metcalf

How We Customized Google Apps for Android Wear

Dan Aminzade

Building sites for the multi-device web

Pete LePage

Don't Alpha that pixel!

Colt McAnlis

Building location-based apps with the Places API

Justin Chu

Google Cloud Messaging

Subir Jhanb

Getting Your PageSpeed Score Up

Matt Gaunt

Optimizing disk I/O in the cloud

Jay Judkowitz

Upgrading the engine mid-flight: How Google improves its web apps without downtime

Paul Rohde, Ted Sander

Faster Loading Images with WebP

Husain Bengali

Will it float? The glory and shame of floating-point audio

Glenn Kasten

Android Wear: The developer's perspective

Justin Koh, Austin Robison

Innovate with the Glass Platform

P.Y. Laligand, Hyunyoung Song

Polymer: Creating responsive UIs

Rob Dodson

Developing across Devices - Chrome DevTools in 2014

Paul Bakaus

Google Play Games: What's New

Duncan Curtis

New Notification Features for Android Wear

Griff Hazen

Containerizing the Cloud with Docker on Google Cloud Platform

Brendan Burns, Craig McLuckie

C.R.E.A.M - Cash rules everything around me

Peng Ying

Building Advanced UIs for Android Wear

Mark Renouf

Voice Driven GDK Glassware

Amin Shaikh

Using the PageSpeed API

Pete LePage

Responsive images today

Pete LePage

Testing multi-screen web pages

Pete LePage

Grow your app with Google identity: Engaging users wherever they are

Jennifer W. Lin, Francis Ma

Google [x] presents: Solve for X - Environmental micro-monitoring in China

Open Source Data Analytics: Part of your Standard-Issue Cloud Toolkit

Dennis Huo


From Holo to Material

Chris Banes

Update on WebM/VP9

Renganathan Ramamoorthy

Design principles for a better mobile web

Jennifer Gove

Android TV - A platform for the living room

Leo Baghdassarian, Andrew Jeon, Chris Mckillop

Casting to the future

John Affaki, Majd Bakar

Faster navigation at YouTube with SPF

Alex Nicksay

Polymer and the Web Components revolution

Matt McNulty

Perf primer : CPU, GPU and your Android game

Colt McAnlis

Designing for Google Cast

Adam Glazier

Google Apps Marketplace

Apoorv Saxena

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