Companhia de Bebidas das Americas-AmBev

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4 andar R Dr. Renato Paes de Barros 1017 Itaim Bibi
SAO PAULO, 04530-001
+55-11-1121221200 (Phone)
+55-11-21221529 (Fax)

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Companhia de Bebidas das Americas Ambev is a Brazil-based company primarily engaged in the brewing industry. The Company produces and sells beer, draft beer, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), malt, as well as other non-alcoholic and non-carbonated (NANC) beverages. Its activities are divided into three segments: Latin America North, including sell of beer, CSDs and NANC drinks in Brazil, as well as operations in HILA-Ex countries, such as Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent, Antigua, Dominica and Guatemala; Latin America South, distributing products in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, and Canada, represented by Labatt’s operations, which comprises domestic sales in Canada and exports to the United States market.