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Noto Sans CJK

Noto Sans CJK is a sans serif typeface designed as an intermediate style between the modern and traditional. It is intended to be a multi-purpose digital font for user interface designs, digital content, reading on laptops, mobile devices, and electronic books. Noto Sans CJK comprehensively covers Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in a unified font family. It supports regional variants of ideographic characters for each of the four languages. In addition, it supports Japanese kana, vertical forms, and variant characters (itaiji); it supports Korean hangeul — both contemporary and archaic.


Noto Sans CJK fonts come in four packaging formats. Glyph designs are identical regardless of the packaging format.

  • CJK OTF fonts with different default language (S Chinese, T Chinese, Japanese, and Korean packages). Each font file supports all four languages. However, you need an application program that can invoke an opentype locl feature (e.g. Adobe InDesign) to access language-specific variants other than the default language.

    New in the 1.002 version release are Noto Sans Mono CJK {JP, KR, SC, TC} that differ from the existing Noto Sans CJK {JP, KR, SC, TC} in that ASCII (U+0020 to U+007E) characters and a few more characters - U+00A0 ( ), U+00A5 (¥), U+2011 (‑), and U+20A9 (₩) - are half-width instead of proportional.

    There are 36 font files in total (4 languages x 9 font files per language), NotoSansCJK{jp,kr,sc,tc}-[weight].otf and NotoSansMonoCJK{jp,kr,sc,tc}-{Regular, Bold}.otf.

  • All-in-one CJK super OTC font. All 36 OTF files above are bundled into a single OTC file, NotoSansCJK.ttc. It takes about 10MB less disk space than 36 separate OTF files. It allows you to install all fonts (weight and language variations) at once on platforms where OTC format is supported.
  • CJK OTC fonts (Thin, Light, DemiLight, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black). The aforementioned 36 OTF files are bundled into 7 OTC files, one for each of 7 weights. Each OTC file, NotoSansCJK-[weight].ttc has 4 font instances - Noto Sans CJK {JP, KR, SC, TC}. In addition to 4 font instances included in all weights, NotoSansCJK-{Regular, Bold}.ttc have 4 additional font instances for monospace, Noto Sans Mono CJK {JP, KR, SC, TC}.
  • Region specific OTF subsets. Go to Noto's developer site. Look for NotoSansSC-[weight].otf, NotoSansTC-[weight].otf, NotoSansJP-[weight].otf, and NotoSansKR-[weight].otf for download. Unlike fonts in the aforementioned mentioned three packaging formats, each font file supports only one region. There are 28 of these font files - 4 languages x 7 weights. Monospace fonts are not provided for these region specific OTFs.

Recommended Use

If you are on Mac OS 10.8 or above and newer versions of Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 14, use the all-in-one CJK super OTC font or CJK OTC fonts; Otherwise, use CJK OTF with different default language. In limited memory case, use region specific OTF subsets.