How can I get Glass Enterprise Edition?
For now, Glass devices and software solutions are sold and supported exclusively through Glass Partners.
How much does Glass cost?
Contact a Glass Partner to talk about your business needs and get a cost estimate. The cost can vary based on the software customization, customer support and training you need.
Which businesses use Glass Enterprise Edition?
Everyone from doctors to automobile assemblers. Read more about how customers have used Glass in unique ways here and here.
Who are Glass Partners? What services do they offer?
Our network of Glass Partners provide end-to-end Glass solutions for businesses. They have expert knowledge of their industries and not only develop solutions for Glass, but can help run trainings, manage infrastructure integrations and offer customer support - depending on your needs.
What happened to the Explorer Edition of Glass?
More information about the consumer version of Glass is available here.
Can I use Glass Explorer Edition for my business?
You can continue to develop for the Explorer Edition device and use it as you see fit. However, the Enterprise Edition device has been specially designed for enterprise and is supported through our network of Glass Partners.
I’m a developer, how do I become a Glass Partner?
We aim to onboard more Glass Partners in the near future. Submit your email address here and we’ll be in touch soon with more information.
I'm a reporter/journalist who is looking to get in touch with someone about Glass Enterprise Edition.
Members of the press can email our media team at press@google.com.
Interested in Glass Enterprise Edition? Work directly with a Glass Partner to develop customized Glass solutions that fit your business.