Additional Terms and Conditions for Call Phones feature

By using the "Call Phones" feature in Hangouts (the "Service"), you accept and agree to be bound by the Google Terms of Service, the User Content and Conduct Policy, the Google Privacy Policy, as well as these additional terms and conditions (collectively the "Terms of Service"). It is important for you to read each of these documents, as they form a legal agreement between you and Google regarding your use of the Service.

Caller ID

If you have a connected Google Voice account with a Google Voice number, it will appear on the recipient’s caller ID. If you haven't set up a Google Voice number, a generic number or the word “unknown” will appear to the person you're calling.

Emergency Calls

You understand and agree that the Service is not capable of placing or receiving emergency services calls.

Google's Proprietary Rights

Google does not provide calling or connections to all telephone numbers. In Google's sole discretion, unserved numbers may include but are not limited to certain geographic locations, special services numbers, satellite telephony services, and other call forwarding services.

Calling Credit

Users may purchase prepaid credits to be used for the Service. Google will be under no obligation to offer any refunds or reimbursements for the purchase price of such prepayments. Usage of minutes is billed in one-minute increments. Prepaid credits are billed at the time of purchase.

Unless prohibited by law, any outbound calling credit that you have purchased will expire six months from the most recent date of use, and may not be transferred.

Calling credit may be used for calls made using the Service and/or for calls made using Google Voice.


Calls are routed through and provided by various regulated and licensed partners. The Service is provided by Google Dialer, Inc., a subsidiary of Google Inc.