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Create maps with advanced tools on PC, Mac or Linux.
  • Compute distances and areas using measurement tools
  • Visualise, manipulate and export GIS data
  • Use Movie Maker to produce media collateral
  • Manipulate and export GIS data
  • Go back in time with historical imagery
A powerful tool for pros
See how interactive mapping and data can breathe life into projects. Here are stories about changemakers and organisations using Google Earth Pro on desktop to visualise efforts and create an impact on the world.
Monitoring forests and natural resources
The goal of the Jane Goodall Institute is to preserve African great apes and their habitats, with an emphasis on chimpanzees. To be effective, conservation projects require the best science and data available to design, implement, measure and monitor the success of conservation actions. They also must engage stakeholders in participatory and transparent ways – from local communities to government authorities. The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) has been using Google mapping tools for many years to do just that.
Tracking marine debris
The North Pacific Gyre, where garbage in the Pacific Ocean swirls in an eddy of indeterminable size, was the destination of Project Kaisei. Tracking their path in Google Earth and Maps along the way, they collected scientific information on plastic marine debris to determine comprehensive solutions. The scientists were able to use their phones to record a geographic location and a video taken at that location, which was then instantly mapped to Google Earth. Science was taken out of the laboratory & classroom and shared with the world in real time.
Getting mines out of the ground, now
The HALO Trust is the world’s oldest, largest and most successful humanitarian landmine clearance agency, having cleared more than 13 million landmines and other explosive remnants of war. HALO uses Google Earth for minefield survey (the process of identifying and mapping mined areas), data validation and to produce maps for donors, governments and other NGOs.
Beginners start here
Learn how to get the most out of Google Earth on Desktop. Video tutorials and help articles teach you the skills to become an expert.
Create KML
KML is a file format used to display geographic data in Google Earth. Learn how to build features to tell simple stories or complex maps in this language.
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