Lay the groundwork

As a parent or guardian, you know what feels right for your family and how your kids learn best. To help your family navigate through new technologies, gadgets, and services in an ever-changing online world, it helps to get practical advice. That’s why we continuously talk to safety experts, parents, educators and communities around the world – to keep a pulse on what works. Together, we can help nurture a community of responsible digital citizens.

  • Family Link

    With the Family Link app from Google, you can stay in the loop as your kid explores on their Android device. Family Link lets you create a Google Account for your kid that’s like your account, while also helping you set certain digital ground rules that work for your family.

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  • Family safety basics

    For busy parents, get some quick suggestions for how to help keep your family safe online.

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  • Keep your data secure

    Find a few simple online security tips to help you and your family stay safe online.

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  • Stay safe on the go

    Learn about how to talk to your family about mobile devices.

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