Welcome to Google Enterprise: Earth and Maps

Google Earth Server

The Google Earth Enterprise Server software delivers rich 3D and 2D content to users' fingertips by hosting worlds of your data built by Google Earth Enterprise Fusion. These data may be accessed by the Google Earth Enterprise Client for 3D worlds or a compatible web browser for 2D worlds. Supporting services, like geocoding, are available with the new Search Framework module, which allows multiple databases to be joined through a Plugin API.

Google Earth Enterprise Server software can meet your data hosting needs, ranging from hosting flyable worlds of vector-only datasets for use with the online Google Earth, to fully stand-alone worlds with terabytes of imagery, terrain, and vector data. Your organisation can serve your data in a stand alone 3D globe to be viewed in the Google Earth Enterprise Client or in a 2D browser-based map utilising the Google Maps technology.

The Google Earth Enterprise Server "overlay mode" combines the best of two worlds, by publishing a world built from your organisation's vector data, and allowing users to view these data in the Google Earth Enterprise Client, on top of the rich, multi-terabyte world of terrain, imagery, vector and 3D models hosted by Google. Organisations may view also use Google Earth Enterprise Server to host vector data in a Google 2D Maps interface.

Enterprises that possess large amounts of imagery, terrain, vector and KML data may utilise the Google Earth Enterprise Server in "stand alone" mode to host and deliver data to the entire organisation. Enterprise users may enjoy these worlds in an easy-to-use UI such as the Google Earth Enterprise Client or the 2D maps feature in Google Earth Enterprise System.

Google Earth Server features:

  • Efficient design enables fast access to massive datasets
  • 250 concurrent users supported per license
  • Designed, tested, and proven support for load-balanced configurations supporting many thousands of concurrent users
  • Search Framework - allows multiple search services to be accessed through one API
    – City-level geocode module included
    – Points of Interest (POI) Search -- allows vector attribution search for included vector data
  • Utilises Apache 2.2
    – Support for data transmission over HTTP or HTTPS
    – Multiple authentication methods supported by Apache available to secure flyable worlds
    – Virtual Server support to host multiple, flyable globes on same system
         • Hostname-based virtual servers
         • Location-based virtual servers
         • Port-based virtual servers

System Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 Intel 3.0 GHz or 2 AMD Opteron 248 CPUs
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM per core; 2 GB RAM per core recommended
  • 1 Ethernet Network Interface Controller (Gigabit ethernet recommended)
  • Supported Linux operating systems:
    – SuSE Linux Enterprise Server version 9 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    – Red Hat Enterprise Linux, AS and ES, version 4 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Storage requirements:
    – 500GB Minimum recommendation
    – Storage needs dependent on amount of data imported into Earth Enterprise

Allow your users to connect to your data

Google Earth Enterprise Client
has the additional features found in Google Earth Pro, plus allows your users to connect to your enterprise's 3D Globe containing the data fused, authored and styled in Google Earth Enterprise Fusion and hosted from Google Earth Enterprise Server. Optional Search plugin allows your users to query and search the attribute data for your organisation's vector data.

Browser based 2D Maps
can be built using Google Earth Enterprise Fusion and served from Google Earth Enterprise Server. Your users can connect to your geospatial data using a browser, just as they connect to Google Maps, from within your internal network.