Together we can achieve more.

GBG in a nutshell

Google Business Group (GBG) is a community of business professionals sharing knowledge about Google web technologies for business success. It is run by business professionals, passionate about bringing the benefits of the web to their local business communities, on a volunteer, unpaid basis. Collaborating and learning from each other helps everyone achieve more.

GBG is represented by local groups (GBG chapters) which organize social gatherings, workshops, online hangouts, larger events and other activities where like-minded business professionals can connect, learn and get inspired on how Google products and web technologies can improve efficiency, productivity and impact overall success of their business. This could be to better market their company online, successfully sell products or services on the internet or improve internal / external business processes for their organization.

Anyone is very welcome, if you are an owner of a company, business professional, or just interested in Google products. Each group is organized by a local volunteer (GBG Manager) and is entirely independent from Google, the corporation.

Google Business Groups is:

  • Run by passionate individuals in the business community
  • A place to share ideas and network with smart people in business and tech
  • A way to learn about Google products for business
  • A forum to discuss what local companies are doing with these technologies
  • A forum to share knowledge and help each other out
  • Open to the public, free

Google Business Groups is not:

  • Run by a corporation
  • A place to hear a salesy pitch at any time
  • A one-way flow of information. GBG is all about collaboration
  • A group to discuss technical topics (this is covered by GDG)
  • Doing private (non-public) activities and being closed to members

GBG is what you make of it

With GBG you have the freedom to create your own opportunities whether you choose to be a member, manager or speaker (or all three) - there are no set rules. Whatever you put into GBG, you can be sure to get so much out of it.

Interested? Search the events calendar to see if there is a local meetup in your area. Feel free to contact the organizers to find out more.