You connect the dots. Make it happen.

By leading a local community, GBG Managers help inspire and empower people to better use internet technologies for their business, and to take advantage of the networking opportunities that the group forms.

No GBG in your city? Consider starting one!

Currently we are not accepting applications to start new GBG chapters but if you are interested, and there is no GBG in your city, please click the button below and fill out the form. We will inform you as soon as the application process opens in your region.

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What is it like being a GBG Manager?

Common activities of GBG Manager

  • Organizing at least one GBG event every 3 months to retain the active status
  • Promoting your activities, recruiting new members
  • Enabling the community to interact and share
  • Partnering with location providers to host your meet-ups
  • Identifying and inviting inspiring speakers relevant to your community interests
  • Using social media to interact with the community between meet-ups
  • Having fun with your community! Network, make friends and enjoy seeing your colleagues in GBG learn and thrive in their businesses

What makes a good GBG Manager

  • Business individuals who are passionate about Google products
  • Experienced in event and/or community management, proven record of successful community management is a plus
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Self starter, passionate and driven
  • Willingness to give back to the community
  • Access to a business network
  • Flexibility with your own time is a plus

Support you will receive from Google

  • Access to a starter pack with information on how to set up and run a successful community
  • Access to the GBG brand and promotional materials
  • Access to educational materials, Google training and people helping with it
  • Access to Google product testing
  • Google giveaways
  • Networking opportunities with other GBG Managers in your country and internationally
  • Personal point of contact within Google