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Spread the love, get some back

As a Local Guide, you’ll help others explore the world and get great benefits in return. It’s a win-win. Every place you improve on Google Maps earns you points toward unlocking something new.

Unlock new benefits as you level up



Level 1

Get the inside scoop with the Local Guides monthly newsletter.

Join Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts.

In select countries, enter in exclusive contests for Local Guides.

Level 2

Get early access to new Google products and features.

Promote your own meet-ups on the Local Guides calendar.

Level 3

Get noticed with your Local Guides badge in Google Maps.

Connect with other Local Guides in our exclusive Google+ Community.

Lead the conversation by moderating Local Guides community channels.

Receive invites to Google-hosted events in select cities.

Level 4

Upgrade your Google Drive storage free.

Be eligible to be featured in Local Guides online channels.

Level 5

Be a Google insider, testing new products before public release.

Apply to attend our Level 5 Local Guides summit.

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  •   Level 2
  •   Level 3
  •   Level 4
  •   Level 5
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Get inspired online and off

Local Guides seek out other Local Guides in communities around the world to share the things they love most.