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Create Street View from photo spheres in one tap

It’s never been easier to create Street View experiences. With the Street View app and a compatible spherical camera, it’s as easy as turning on your camera and tapping a remote shutter button from the app.

Other do-it-yourself options

Additional avancements in technology have made it easier than ever to contribute to Street View. Whether your interest is professional or personal, now’s a great time to begin contributing to the map.

Use your phone

Try the Street View app’s manual camera mode for a conveniently available and free solution. The app offers tips for mastering this mode.

Use a DSLR camera

For best results, many pros rely on a combination of tailored hardware and software to deliver the highest quality, highest resolution stitched images.

Borrow a trekker

Many of our own Street View contributions are captured with Trekker cameras. If you’d like to borrow one, let us know.

Enlist help

As a business or organization, you have access to additional resources that can make publishing a breeze.

Hire a professional

Connect with a local, “Trusted” spherical photographer who has met our certification requirements. They can help you from start to finish.

Request a photo shoot

Is yours a site of geographic, cultural, or pop culture significance? Contact us to add it to the map.