Google Earth Outreach

Map your impact.

Map your impact.

Bring your nonprofit’s story to life with custom maps and global location data.

Premium Access to Google Maps APIs.
Keep sensitive location data internal.

Internal licensing of Premium Google Maps APIs lets you display community or donor location data on Google Maps for restricted use.

Grow your audience.

Get up to one million free maps credits for publicly accessible websites.

Additional Freely Available Google Mapping Tools.
Publish simple maps on your site.

Use Google's free My Maps’ collaborative tools to easily make and share custom maps.

Share your impact.

Collect data in the field with Open Data Kit and visualize it on Google Maps, bringing your efforts to life.

Take supporters on location.

Connect the world to your work by collecting and showcasing street-level 360 imagery of your locations using Google Street View.

Show, don’t tell.

Develop compelling customized data visualizations to track and share your organization’s impact using the Google Maps APIs free plan.

How to get started:
Sign up for Google for Nonprofits.
Find out what you'll need to enroll.

Once approved as a nonprofit, you can apply for the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan Grant, if eligible. Learn more about the product here, and discover what you'll need to get started below:

An existing Google Maps API Implementation

For existing Google Maps APIs developers, you will need to submit

  • Your API key and Google Developer Console account
  • A screenshot of your existing map
  • Justification for why you need Premium Google Maps APIs license for public or restricted-access websites

To get started with Maps APIs, activate your browser key here.

Learn More

Have a question about your Google Maps API account? If you’ve already enrolled, you can find answers and support in the Premium Plan Support Portal.

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