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Publication numberUS1666590 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1928
Filing dateFeb 28, 1923
Priority dateMar 8, 1922
Publication numberUS 1666590 A, US 1666590A, US-A-1666590, US1666590 A, US1666590A
InventorsBelluzzo Giuseppe
Original AssigneeSoc It Ernesto Breda
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Steam turbine locomotive
US 1666590 A
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April 17, 192s.

G. BELLUZZO STEAM TURBINE LOCOMOTIVE rrvvenlf v @i BeTLuzZO Flge Patented Apr. r17, 1928..




Application filed February 28, 1923, Serial No. 621,933, and in Italy March 8, 1922.

'Ihis invention relates to improvements in steam turbine locomotives of the Mallet type, and has for its object to provide a novel construction and arrangement of the parts of the propelling gear whereby to obtain a high degree of efficiency. f

In the accompanying drawing wherein an approved embodiment of the invention is illustrated- Figure lis a side elevation of a locomotive of the Mallet type showing the invention applied thereto,

Figure 2 is a plan View, partly in section, of a turbine unit and the reducing gear associated therewith.

Referring to the drawing in detail` the driving turbines are indicated generally in Figure 1 at 'I and are located medially of the locomotive boiler C outside of the longitudinal beams L. A double train of reducing gears I are interposed between the turbines T and jack shafts A connected with the two groups of driving axles by the usual driving rods. As illustrated the driving axles 50 of eachgroup are connected `with a separate driving rod to which motion is impartedfrom the jack shafts A.

The locomotive is equipped with a condenser K, boiler feed pump p, and a fan V for the boiler draft, all arranged below or in front of the boiler. The cooling apparatus r for the water circulating in the condenser is also arranged in the front part of the locomotive, and is associated with the circulating pump c.

Each turbine unit is constituted by a high pressure turbine 1 and a. low speed turbine 2 which works in series with the high pressure turbine when the speed of the locomotive is less than half its maximum, and the two low pressure turbines 3 and t working in parallel. That is to say, they receive equal portions of the steam which is discharged into them direct from the high pressure turbine when the speed of the locomo-v tive is more then half of its maximum or, in other cases, from the low speed turbine.

The casing containing the reduction gears I is placed under the boiler' betweenthe side members L and each consists of the jack shaft A carrying the worm wheel 11 driven by pinion 12 fixed to shafts (not shown) laterally of worm wheels 13 which latter are driven by pinion 14 on'shafts 12. The shaft 12 of the front pinions 14; is cou pled at .each end to the two low pressure turbines 3 and 4, while shaft 12for the rear pinions 14 is driven at one end by the high pressure turbine 1 and at the other end by the low speed turbine E2. y

5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the pipes for connecting up the turbines and in particular; pipe 5 connects the high pressure turbine for a head motion directly with the two lower pressure turbines 3 and 4; pipe 6 connects turbine 1 to the low speed turbine 2;

this latter is connected with low pressure vturbines 3 and t through pipes 7 and 5.

Pipe 8 connects the high pressure and the low speed turbines 1 and 2 together for re verse motion, pipes 9 and 10 connect the low speed turbine 2 with the low pressure turbines for reverse motion.

The turbine units are controlled from the engineers'fcab by means of a hand wheel Z which acts through a worm on the rod yon which the cams are fixed for the control of the turbines and the steam leaves the two low pressure turbines 3 and 4, symmetrically arranged on either side of the locomotive, through the pipes 15 exhausting' into the surface condenser K.

Having now described my invention and how the saine is to be carried out, what I claim as my invention is:

A -steam turbine locomotive of the Mallet type, including driving and carrying axles divided into two groups, a jack shaft for driving each group, one of the jack shafts being operated by low pressure turbines and the other jack shaft by the high pressurev and low speed turbines.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


U.S. Classification105/38, 105/121
International ClassificationB61C9/30
Cooperative ClassificationB61C9/30
European ClassificationB61C9/30