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Publication numberUS4927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1847
Publication numberUS 4927 A, US 4927A, US-A-4927, US4927 A, US4927A
InventorsWalter Hunt
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Walter hunt
US 4927 A
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Specification of Letters Patent No. 4,927, dated January 13, 1847.

To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, WALTER HUNT, of the city, county, and State of New York, have made a new and useful Improvement 1n a Fountain-Pen, and that the following is a full and accurate description ofthe same.

The objects aimed at by me in the co-nstruction of said pen, is the combination of all in one of inkstand, pen, shaft, andfpen holder, so arranged as to be convenient for the pocket, and adapted to the common steel pen, to be changed at pleasure, to be supplied from' the combined fountain `orfrom the common inkstand. Its construction is as follows. See the longitudinal cut section Figure 1 in the annexed drawings- A, is the shaft, which is a small tube about 2-.1j inches long and i inch in diameter. B, the fountain or reservoir for the inkwhich is a bulb or an enlarged tube forming the upper portion of said shaft, say linch lo-ng and Ji inch in diameter, more or less. Gis the stuffing boX fitted into the top of said reservoir by a screw joint. D, is a nut screwed uponthe upper end of said small wire piston-rod E, which passes through the packing F, made of indiarubber fitted into the stuflingsboX afo-resaid. Upon Vthe bottom end of said piston-rod, on which a screwis cut, is fitteda plunger Gr, made also of india rubber punched out for the purpose: (Leather saturated with india rubber paste, answers the purpose well.) The caliber of the bottom end of the shaft A, is lessened for about g of an inch in length, say to about g in diameter, and forms what vI term The filling tube I-I, into which tube, the plunger G, is fitted as shown in Fig. l. In the bottom end of said filling tube, is inserted a sponge or spongy stopf per I, say of an inch long, and from one side of said tube; at the extreme bottom end, is a small downward inclinedropening In Figs. 1, 2 and 3, the pen holder and pen is slided down in the position for filling and writing. In Fig. 4 the holder is drawn fall from the reservoir B, into the lling tube -I-I. The plunger is then suddenly returned, which forces the ink in said, tube into the barrel of the pen, t-hro-ugh the aper- Ahold of the nut D, which allows the ink to ture `K, said plunger forming a perfect stopper in said tube which prevents'the escape of therink until another supplyfor the pen is required. ,Y y

Felting, or woolen cloth, will probably answer in the room of sponge, for the purpose of the stopper, as its office is to check Y the flow of the ink through the aperture K, except under the pressure of the piston as before stated. I have given a fair trial to `afountain pen on this plan, and have found it to work well, and free from t-he difficulties that have rendered all other plans that have come to my knowledge, utterly useless. It is well adapted to the steel pens now in common use. It never dries up,.nor leaks, and is certain to vthrow out the requisite quantity of ink, as long as there is a pen-full in the fountain. The capacity of the filling-tube being made to hold a due quantity, no more .Witnessesz T. JAMES GLovER, JNO. R. CHAPIN.


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