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Publication numberUS73419 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1868
Publication numberUS 73419 A, US 73419A, US-A-73419, US73419 A, US73419A
InventorsEdwin Wiley
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Improvement in manufaotuee of pens
US 73419 A
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Beit known that I, EDWINv WILEY, of Brooklyn,-E. D., Kings county, New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in the Manufacture of Pens; and I do hereby Adeclare'that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled'in the art to make and usev the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming partv of this specification.

The present invention relates to that class of penscommonly'known as the Union Pens,"- and which are made with their nib of gold, and their heelwor body of silver or other inferior metal. v l

Heretofore these peus have been manufactured by soldering together, edge to edge,.parallel strips oflg'old and silver, or other inferior metal, and then rolling such strips lengthwise of the seam to the thinncss that the metal is to have in a finished pen, when, after cutting such combined metal strip into blanksof the proper form, and raising such blanks into the shape of a pen,vthe point is then fused thereon, completing the manufactureiof the pen. But by this mode of manufacture, as the point to the pen can only be soldered on after the manufac- -ture of the pen -is otherwise completed, for the reason that the blank cannot be then rolled without injuring the same, the nib ofthe pen is thereby so annealed or softened from being heated by the soldering as to be deprived of its elasticity to such an extent as to greatly deteriorate it, itbeing, in fact, of no greater value or utility, as a pen, than a gold pen that has been repointed. l

` Toproduce a pen of the class to which this invc'ntion relates, that will have-al1 theelasticity of nib possessed by apen made eritirely of gold, is the object of this invention, and it consists in first rolling the combined metal strip in the direction 'of its seam, to a thickness some two or three times greater than that ofthe finished pen, and in then cutting from suchy combined metal strip blanks of a similar form to the blanks used for in'aking 'pens entirely of gold, butl with a burr at the extreme ends ofthe seam, between the two metals, whereby such' blanks, with the point previously solder-ed thereon, can then be rolled across their seam tothe thinness required 'for the pen, without being split or broken along the same, and without injury to the point, after which'the blanks are to be raised into the form of'a pen, as heretofore. In the accompanying drawingsthe pens'. g p y 4 vFigure 2, a view of the strip oi' silver, showing it as marked off for being out into blanks for the heel part to the pens.

Figure 3, a view showing a nib and heel blank united edge to edge.

Figure 4, a v iewoi` apen completed.

Similar letters ofreferenc-e indicate corresponding parts.

A, in the drawings, represents a strip of gold,rolled to the propel' thickness, and cut clean along both edges. This strip', from endto end, is shown as marked ofi' into proper-shaped blanks, B, for forming the nibs. C, the strip of silver, rolled to the proper thickness, and then marked off into blanks, D, cfa quadrangular Figure 1 is a view of a strip of gold, showing it asmarked c` for being cut into blanks for the nbs to shape, with the broad end, E, somewhat-wider than theltriangularnib-piece B that is shown in iig. 3, as joined to it by thel use of solder for the purpose of preventingthe silver (which is thesoftcr of the two metals, gold and silve'r,) from being rolled thinner than the gold,'as the combined metal blank is rolled to the thinnoss required for the pen, and to enable the blank to be rolled in a direction across its seam without danger of splitting the blank. Previous to rolling the blank, as above stated, the point is fused on the same,which is allowable, as by the accumulation olf the solder at the ends of the seam, the blank can be rolled in a direction acrossthe seam, as before stated. In lien of accumulating the solder upon the blank at the cxtreme ends of the seam, between the two metals, if the two strips from which the blanks are cut are joined or soldered together before being cut,"

and then the blanks cut from the combined strips, the same result can be effected if in the cutting of the blanks -a burrfi's formed from the metal at the two ends of the seam, it beinghere meant by a burr leaving the metal thrown up at the two ends to its seam. Y By my improvement, herein described, a pen can be produced, as is obvious, having all thc elasticity and durability of a pen when made entirely of. gold, and at a greatly-reduced expense.

l Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

` In the manufacture of pens composed of both gold` and silver, and known as the Union Pen, giving the seam between the two metals an extra thickness by means of solder, or otherwise, substantially as and for the pose described. y


' l Witnesses:

l WM. F. MeNsMAnA, l ALBERT W. Bnownn

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