Google Facts about Google’s acquisition of ITA Software ITA

On July 1, 2010, Google announced an agreement to acquire ITA Software, a Cambridge, Massachusetts flight information software company, for $700 million, subject to adjustments.

Arthur Frommer

Founder, Frommer’s Travel Guide

“The existence of so many competing airfare search engines convinces me that the field will remain competitive even after Google enters it. The current situation [in airfare search] is untenable. It needs Google to straighten things out.” (Toronto Star)

Andrew Gavil

Antitrust Professor, Howard Law School

“Gavil… said it’s unlikely the ITA acquisition will face ‘significant antitrust concerns.’ The purchase is an extension of Google’s business and not an example of one competitor buying another, a circumstance that would draw scrutiny from authorities.” (Bloomberg)

Henry Harteveldt

Travel Industry Analyst, Forrester

“The two firms don’t overlap… By integrating ITA’s QPX airfare search into its search engine, Google will be able to provide a user with more specific, actionable information, such as airlines, schedules, fares — and the Websites that sell the tickets.” (Forrester Blog)

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