Use reCAPTCHA on Your Site!

reCAPTCHA helps prevent automated abuse of your site (such as comment spam or bogus registrations) by using a CAPTCHA to ensure that only humans perform certain actions.

  • It's Free! Yep, reCAPTCHA is free.

  • It's Useful. Why waste the effort of your users? reCAPTCHA helps to digitize books.

  • It's Accessible. reCAPTCHA has an audio test that allows blind people to freely navigate your site.

  • It's Secure. Most other CAPTCHA implementations can be easily broken.

  • It's Popular. Over 200,000 sites use reCAPTCHA.

  • It's Easy. reCAPTCHA is a Web service. As such, adopting it is as simple as adding a few lines of code on your site. For many applications and programming languages such as PHP we also have easy-to-install plugins available. We generate and check the distorted images, so you don't need to run costly image generation programs.

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