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Setting Up Alerts

You can configure multiple recipients to receive alerts. This gives you the flexibility of spreading responsibilities across your staff, and to send alerts to different email accounts.

WARNING: When your service is activated, alerts are not configured. It is vital that you set up alerts for each email config so that you will receive proactive notification when urgent server events occur.

Set up Alerts


Enter the name and address of the recipient. Mobile devices such as pagers, mobile phones, and wireless PDAs can receive email, and should be used as the address for your recipients.

Enter the mobile device's email address in the destination field as you would for the primary email address. For example, a mobile address might be
Send a regular text message to your device to test that you have the correct address and that your device is text-enabled.
If your device does not have text-messaging enabled or if you do not know your address, contact your wireless provider.
Check the alerts that you want that recipient to receive. See Alert Descriptions for details on events, or click the Alert Descriptions link at the bottom of the page.

Important: We strongly recommend, at a minimum, you set up alerts for the Delivery Manager “Organization Email Host Down” event, and the Spool Manager events (if your service package includes Spool Manager).


Repeat this procedure for each email config.

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