Everyone benefits from access to information and creativity online.

Let’s find a better way to update copyright rules in Europe.

Every day, billions of people go online to enjoy a rich variety of news, entertainment, tutorials and more.

For the journalists, artists and creators behind this content, the internet has become a vital platform that enables them to share information and ideas, find an audience and make a living.

European copyright law aims to support creators and publishers by letting them decide how their work can be seen and shared. It also protects the public’s right to find, enjoy and share this work.

We understand that laws need to be updated and adapted for the internet age. However, the proposed EU Copyright Directive may have unintended consequences that could limit the variety of information available online.

Together, we can find a solution that protects the diverse range of content on the web, as well as the creators producing it.

What's at risk?

The version being proposed by the European Parliament may cause services like YouTube and Google Search to limit the variety of content they feature.

What is Google doing about this?

We're working with policymakers, publishers and creators to provide recommendations to the Copyright Directive that will help it fulfil its true intention - protecting creativity and journalism. These include, among others:

Services that act diligently to protect rightsholders shouldn’t be liable for copyright infringement without notice.

Rightsholders and platforms should work together to identify copyright ownership.

Allow publishers the freedom to choose how they would like their content to be available online.

Article 11 aims to support quality journalism. To achieve this goal, without impacting other publishers, it should provide a clear definition that specifies news content by news publishers.

Why we’ve chosen to reach out to you

By the time most people hear about the impact of a piece of legislation, it's often already in effect. Our hope is that by opening a dialogue ahead of time, we can find a better path forward for everyone.

We'll be sharing all the latest updates and developments as we go, and you can also learn more about the possible unintended consequences for YouTube here.