Visible changes

We try our best to ensure that the data we publish are accurate and complete before, during, and after they are published. However, we occasionally need to make changes to the data after we publish it to allow for corrections and other improvements. We will maintain this historical log so that we can continue to improve our product while being transparent.

October 2013.

We frequently receive more than one request to remove the same URL. Previously, we eliminated many of these duplicate requests when compiling the Transparency Report. Including them paints a more complete picture of the removals activity, so we will do so going forward. We have also updated the entire dataset to reflect these duplicate requests.

December 2012.

From time to time, the Search team may receive copyright removal requests for search results that link to other Google products like Blogger or YouTube. In these cases, we forward these requests to the appropriate teams to evaluate the allegedly infringing material. To reflect how we manage these processes, we are no longer counting requests received by the Search team that have been forwarded to other products, and we have deleted previous instances of forwarded requests.