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Requests by the numbers

During the period that Google's joint venture operated, its search results were subject to censorship pursuant to requests from government agencies responsible for Internet regulation. Chinese officials consider censorship demands to be state secrets, so we cannot disclose any information about content removal requests for the two reporting periods from July 2009 to June 2010.

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Removal requests from July to December 2014

Examples of requests that we encounter

Total removal requests received: 5

Total items requested for removal: 46

Compliance rates in July to December 2014


Google’s compliance rate for requests from government agencies or law enforcement: 80%

Reasons for removals in July to December 2014

Reason % Total Removal Requests
National Security 60% 3
Government Criticism 20% 1
Violence 20% 1

Breakdown of all of the requests we received during the reporting period.