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Recent and ongoing disruptions of traffic to Google products

People have been unable to access certain Google products and services at some point in more than 30 countries. Causes for these disruptions vary, and include network outages and government-mandated blocks.

Review current disruptions below or browse all documented disruptions. This list is not comprehensive. Learn more.


4 regions with recent or ongoing disruptions

Congo (Republic)

Google Search

Google Search

October 19, 2015–Present

Duration: 490 days

Congo Government Allegedly Shuts Off Internet Service to Squash Protests

“The government of the Republic of the Congo has apparently cut access to the main internet service provider in the midst of widespread.. ”




August 25, 2015–Present

Duration: 545 days

Access To YouTube, Facebook Restricted Again In Tajikistan
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

“YouTube and Facebook have become inaccessible via many Internet service providers in Tajikistan. Internet users across the country on August…”


Gmail, Google Search, Google Sites, Picasa Web Albums, YouTube


December 25, 2014–Present

Duration: 788 days

Google's Gmail blocked in China

“Google Inc's Gmail was blocked in China after months of disruptions to the world's biggest email service ...”

Google Search

May 31, 2014–Present

Duration: 996 days

Google's China Services Slow Ahead of Anniversary

“Google Inc. services in China face blockages as the government tightens Internet controls ahead of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square c…”

Google Sites

October 11, 2009–Present

Duration: 2689 days

Google Sites inaccessible.

Picasa Web Albums

July 16, 2009–Present

Duration: 2776 days

Google Picasa Web Album Blocked in China
Shanghai Tech Writer

“Starting last week, Google’s Picasa Web Album has been blocked in China, adding to an already long list of websites blocked...”


March 23, 2009–Present

Duration: 2891 days

YouTube Blocked in China, Google Says
New York Times

“Google said Tuesday that its YouTube video-sharing Web site had been blocked in China.”


Google Sites, YouTube

Google Sites

April 7, 2014–Present

Duration: 1050 days

Google Sites partially accessible


June 13, 2009–Present

Duration: 2809 days

Mobile phones, Facebook, YouTube cut in Iran

“The main mobile telephone network in Iran was cut...popular Internet websites Facebook and YouTube also appeared to be blocked...”