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Hi hail, Satan. I would like to place a hex on my ex boyfriend Andrew he is divorced and I really want him to have his car ruined by some some fruits. Oh, yeah fruit Sunday the 5th at least maybe Silly String perhaps deviled eggs deviled eggs would be even better. Yeah, I mean perhaps right. So he's going to be better no deviled eggs. It's just you know, it sends the statement. Yeah, or you know have him have a book that says yeah. Hey, this is how you deal with. Anyways, my friend also has the request. Oh, I don't know what my request was. I didn't really You don't have any enemies know I mean I do there's this one gal. Throw it down for her. Yeah. She just needs to be put in here f****** place cuz she's such a f****** hypocrite and I just Honestly, honestly though the problem is they feel too bad for her to even want to place. You know, anything's yeah, you know what like she's probably already riddled. But you know, if you could send them to eat, that'd be great. Okay. Thank you for your time. Hail, Satan.