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Yo, what is up and stuff so I'm totally on the clock right now making this phone Call sohail saying so that so I wanted to say. Thank you for allowing me to be able to have the choice to be able to do the right thing or call Satan really. That's so special. I just want to give props to satan for global warming cuz it's december and I've just got like one later on Do wanna Come. That's awesome deep clean right now. It's 20 to 15 hours, so this is this phone Call probably be like you know 3 bucks or something so I school hell saying if I also props for satan for hashtags what an amazing. Lee annoying way to interact with the world so fantastic way to go way to be a good distraction there to the masses if I could have a prayer sent out to satan if we could keep fossil fuels going for a long time that would be that would be fantastic because. You know it is the way that the world goes around and where will really be without you know violence and greed and carbon monoxide really so props the same for carbon monoxide you know give it up. So yeah as far as a hex goes I would probably say you know if you could give a heads up there to really you know anyone. Where are you I mean the the damn Republicans are going to get there come up it so anyway Alright you know and I mean that's that's what's important you know because one from becomes president and Satan takes his throne I mean. I think that we're all you know going to be battling whether we want to or not and I think of that is really important during the holiday season, so yeah big ups big ups to fire and brimstone. You know big Ops 2 I don't know non paid sick leave. I think that's fantastic really shows that you care anyway. Thank you for listening give my regards you know punch something that didn't deserve it and all will be well alright. Thank you very much bye, ohh, and you can post it on the website Alright Bye.