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Caleb this is time someone okay. I'll put a hex on somebody. But I'm not going to say their name you're going to have to figure it out well today. I thought you just want me to so I was going to tell you about my day really quick. I thought you said somebody toast so I threw it out because I know jesus is knocking on my door, but I know I know and they told her saying here. Here's my my partner. b**** yeah, so that's how our day was. You know I thought they need to he talked to me. He told me he told me to call this number so yeah, I I just I just really feel like seeing garden here, and I'm I'm really thankful for that. So I really hope you kill my text because I hate them and they suck and so yeah, so I just told them in today, but like if that doesn't work, okay. Bye.